Olivier Lancelot

Stride piano - Swing - Jazz - Cocktail piano

Lancelot et ses Chevaliers

The famous trio "Lancelot et ses Chevaliers" recorded this CD live in 1999. Olivier Lancelot (piano), Stéphane Séva (washboard), Didier Desbois (clarinet)

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This CD contains the following tracks:
1. Grandpa's Spells
(Jelly Roll Morton)
2. Liza
(G. Gershwin)
3. Love Me
(V. Young)
4. Harlem Joys
(Smith, Williams, Bishop)
5. I believe in miracles
(P.Wendling, G. Meyer)
6. Original Dixieland One-Step
(N. La Rocca)
7. Breeze
(Hanley, McDonald, Goodwin)
8. Lulu's back in town
(H. Warren, A. Dubin)
9. Buddy's Habits
(A. Nelson, C.Straight)
10. Le Lac des Cygnes
(P. Tchaikovski)
11. High Society
(A. Piron, P. Steele)
12. Honeysuckle Rose
(Th. Waller)