Olivier Lancelot

Stride piano - Swing - Jazz - Cocktail piano

Excerpts from the press:

Bulletin du Hot Club de France, Jan. 2008
Review of CD "Charles Prévost Washboard Group", 2006

[...] Amazing by his stride as well as his accompaniment (1st track), Lancelot shows a nice energy and his playing is very well adapted to the tunes' character as well as the soloists' playing. Very Wallerian in "The Object of my affection", he shines in many passages, notably in "Diga Diga Doo" and the track that follows. His regularity (swing, expression) makes this CD attractive [...]

JazzMan, Feb. 2000
Review of CD "Lancelot et ses Chevaliers", 1999

Olivier Lancelot's trio was recorded without any chances for second takes, during a public concert on June 13th, 1999, and the result is far from being uninteresting.

Olivier Lancelot has been revealed since over ten years, and this is his first recording under his own name. He plays beautifully in the style of James P. Johnson, without forgetting other great striders like Willie The Lion Smith (Harlem Joys,Breeze) or Fats Waller (I Believe in Miracles, Honeysuckle Rose). His playing is confident, lively, and very spirited, it is remarkably well recorded, and we can fearlessly count Olivier among the serious defenders of the "harlemite" style in France. We can also hear him play his version of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake as a piano solo.

We have been hearing a lot (of good things) about Didier Desbois for a few years now, and he displays at length his savoir-faire on clarinet in tunes that are well known, but seldom played in this combination (Grandpa's Spells , Original Dixieland One-Step , Buddy's Habits). He conveys an impression of ease on improvisations that are interesting to follow, but Desbois seems to be warmer, more touching, on alto sax (I Believe In Miracles , Breeze , Lulu's Back In Town).

The third member of this trio is Stephan Seva who uses the washboard skillfully and sparingly. The choice of repertoire and the approach are refreshing and we will follow these musicians with curiosity.

Jean-Pierre Daubresse
Jazz Hot, March 2000
Review of CD "Lancelot et ses Chevaliers", 1999

The clarinet-piano-washboard combination is not frequent. This ensemble treats us to a nice success due to the quality of the interpretations and the freshness of the music that these three youg men revive, to the public's great joy in Rozay-en-Brie's Metronome hall. Piotr himself would certainly not have been disturbed to see his swans mix with the High Society...

The musicians share a common language that they master perfectly. The clarinetist, whose technique is flawless, has a nice sound and a really lyrical expression. Stephan Seva is remarkable on washboard by his support and his interventions. As for Olivier Lancelot, he has become an excellent disciple of the masters of the Harlem stride school. His confident playing gives a beautiful foundation to the group. A recording of spontaneousness and surprises.

Félix W. Sportis
Bulletin du Hot Club de France, April 2000

Most enthusiasts who have been paying attention certainly know this tall young man by now - calm, casual, with a whimsical irony. And, probably, they applauded loudly when they heard him play piano with surprising energy, overwhelming swing, and a delicate sense of humor in a style inspired by Fats Waller. [...] His love for stride piano is intact, his heroes are still James P. Johnson, Donald Lambert, Willie the Lion Smith, Fats Waller whose influence floats in his playing. When this laid back, relaxed character sits at the piano, he quickly changes into a formidable artist, practicing a demanding style with wholeness, humor, and ease that delight the audience. [...]

André Vasset
Jazz Classique, April 2000
Review of CD "Spirit of Swing", 1994

[...] We can never stress enough Olivier Lancelot's great qualities. His playing captivates our attention, and this attention never fades during his interventions, as a soloist or accompanist. It's a treat to follow him. [...]

Jean-Pierre Daubresse
Bulletin du Hot Club de France, June 2000
Review of CD "DéJazz - Les Roses de Picardie", 1999

[...] Pianist Olivier Lancelot, with his subtle phrasing and his sense of stride, belongs in the the first class of solid left hand pianists revealed these past years. Elegance and refinement blend with his subtle touch in Sheik of Araby. Muskrat Ramble, where his creative swing happens a on surprising rumba tempo, ends with a feel reminiscent of Willie Smith "Le Lion". 2:19 Blues proves that he can play it (the blues) and the layout of his improvisation is unpredictable. He plays Swan Lake as a solo with his usual finesse. [...]

André Doutart
La Dépêche du Midi, July 22, 1999
Review of a concert on July 20, 1999 during the Festival Musiques d'été in Toulouse with the Paris Washboard band

[...] At the top of this evening's pleasures, and there were many, the talented young pianist Olivier Lancelot. He was playing "stride piano", using both hands to play the theme, la melody, chords and harmony on all tunes. Impeccable. [...]